About EU

A global leader in engineering innovations for recycled rubber products

Pliteq's Story

Pliteq® is a group of experienced engineers developing high-performance products in multiple industries including construction, playground, fitness and commercial. With 7 patents in the United States and 23 countries worldwide, we are proud of our new product development. We are engineers and inventors who know that our customers value innovative products and new designs.

TREAD™ was created to bring durable, versatile, colorful, low-maintenance, cost effective rubber finished flooring to commercial and residential spaces. Pliteq has a mission to be in or around every building in the world.

Environmental Focus

Pliteq has a demonstrative history of being a global leader in environmental sustainability. We are proud to be recycling 35 million pounds of rubber annually and producing innovative products sold around the world. We are currently the second largest recycler of car tire in North America and are on track to become number one by 2020.

With our commitment to engineering, innovation, and quality, we are designing new products that meet global concerns for repurposing wasted materials while contributing toward LEED® and other environmental certifications.

It's not magic, it's engineering®

The root word for Engineer in Latin is “genie,” so we have the Genie as our mascot, looking over our brands and company.